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BIS: POS Equipment & Technical Support

We provide the following:

  • Emergency Support 24/7

As a restaurant owner, you are undoubtedly keenly aware of Murphy’s Law. Electrical storms, equipment failure and employee error can all conspire against you an hour before a party of 50 or more is scheduled to arrive. Without a company dedicated to supporting you during a crisis, hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sales could be lost. BIS Computers and Consulting offers unlimited 24-hour technical support for a low yearly fee. The money you save when you catch a problem early could be substantial. The peace of mind you gain from knowing that BIS Computers is supporting you around the clock is priceless.
  • Existing Equipment Upgrades
Often times, your older hardware may need to be replaced. BIS makes it easy for owners, managers and employees to easily install replacement equipment as needed - approximately 15 minutes per station!
  • New Installations
Opening a new store? Whether you require new RapidFire stations or an Aldelo for Restaurants system, rest assured that BIS will program your menu and physically install your network with you in mind. We’ll train you and your staff and won’t leave your site until you are confident that everyone is comfortable with the easy to use software.
  • Equipment 
Whether you need a new computer system or simply a plastic network connector for your printer, we’ve got you covered. We sell Point of Sale Computers, Touch Screens and Printers that were specifically designed for the harsh restaurant environment. Give us a call today!

Why do you need BIS Computers?
    • 24/7 Technical Support 
      • Great customer service
        • Small, sleek and durable computers - ready for installation
          • Computers and Monitors have 3 year warranties
            • Annual Contracts for cost efficient technical support
              • Peace of mind - Every day of the year!

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