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BIS: Your Restaurant POS Solution

The seed that would become BIS Computers and Consulting, LLC. was planted in the mid 1990's when future founder Roman Bostick was a Senior Field Technician with Rapidfire Point of Sale Systems. He installed new Rapidfire systems and completed upgrades in over 75 restaurant sites during his two years of service before coming off the road to assume managerial responsibilities.

Opportunity soon brought Bostick to New York City where he would work for the Union Square Hospitality Group. As a Controller, he was responsible for the implementation of high end, fine dining, point of sale systems in the opening of eleven Madison Park and Tabla restaurants. With his extensive background in the point of sale industry, Bostick founded BIS Computers and Consulting Services in 1999.

BIS has remained as committed today with the Service and Support of restaurants using Rapidfire as the original team at Rapidfire Inc. was throughout the 90's. This dedication to supplying restaurants with a solid line of touch screens, computers and support services has led BIS to rapidly expand the customer base and product lines. 2005 saw the addition of Aldelo for Restaurants to the BIS family. Representing the latest in point of sale technology, this system offers a more robust graphical interface and controls that enable restaurant owners to take control of their operations in ways never before possible.

True to our mission of providing you with the best rates available, truly dedicated service, and the most up to date systems that we can, BIS is now focussed on assisting its clientele in switching up to Future POS technology, in order to stay true to that mission. It's important to us that you are able to provide excellent, up to date, service to your customers too.

Successful restaurant owners agree that superior point of sale technology, coupled with a provider they can trust, are essential to effective management of their operation. Let BIS help your restaurants maintain stability with the choice to grow!