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Future POS

Complete Feature List:

  • Labor Scheduling and Employee Timekeeping, which can be exported to numerous payroll companies and accounting packages.
  • Tip pooling for team service and/or sharing tips with bar backs and busboys.
  • Employee Break maintenance to keep you in compliance with state mandated and minor specific break laws.
  • >Gift certificate issuing and tracking.
  • Frequent Diner Program with customizable reward levels.
  • Customer Reservations.
  • Bartender drink recipes for training new bar staff.
  • The ability to pre-authorize bar tabs.
  • House charge accounts for tracking customer purchases and employee meals with personalized statements.
  • Customer loyalty program allows you to email numerous customers at once to alert them about specials, events, etc.
  • Driver’s license verification using barcode or magnetic swipe reader.
  • Beer and wine club.
  • Ability to easily split checks by seat.
  • Kitchen orders by course, with the ability to hold and fire items.
  • Microsoft SQL Database for rock solid reliability and scalability.
  • Ability to interface with Microsoft MapPoint and Google Maps for delivery directions.
  • Numerous interfaces to popular payroll, general ledger and inventory control programs.
  • Online Ordering for eCommerce, which allows orders to come from the web to the kitchen seamlessly.
  • Several EMV options with mobile payment technologies (ApplePay, SamsungPay, etc).


Aldelo For Restaurants Pro Edition

  • Low cost, feature rich, easy to use total restaurant management software for table service and quick service restaurants.
  • Features designed to support any restaurant environment: Coffee shop, steak house, bar & grille, pizza restaurant, cafeteria or any other food service establishment.
  • Custom tailored to your requirements.
  • Proven in the Industry, Aldelo For Restaurants is used globally, in 20,000+ installations.
  • Reliable, flexible, easy to use and complete.
  • Microsoft Windows XP verified since 2003.

Simplify Daily Management & Streamline Operations:

Aldelo For Restaurants is a solution that dramatically streamlines your daily operations.

  • Retain guest loyalty.
  • Simplify operations.
  • Maximise efficiencies.
  • Increase repeat business.

In the world of complex restaurant operations, simplification is the key to your success. Aldelo will help you, and your team, win.

Key product features:

  1. Visual Floor Management
  2. Complete Hostess Features such as Reservations, Waiting List & Guest Paging
  3. Advanced CRM such as Gift Card, House Account, Frequent Buyers
  4. Labor & Scheduling Management
  5. Menu Recipe Control & Complete Inventory Management
  6. Payment Processing Integration
  7. One Touch Order Split & Combine
  8. Multiple Check Tender Support
  9. Multiple Kitchen Routing Destinations
  10. Ready for Online Food Ordering Integration
  11. Ready for Kitchen Display Integration
  12. Ready for Fingerprint Authentication Integration
  13. Ready for Liquor Dispensor System Integration
  14. Ready for Accounting Integration
  15. Ready for Payroll Service Integration
  16. Ready for Hotel/Resort Room Charge Integration
  17. Extensive Management Reports
  18. And much more all included in the standard package!



If you are an existing RapidFire user, you may have felt left out in the cold after Radiant Systems discontinued support of this product several years ago.

As a former RapidFire Inc. technician and manager, Roman Bostick (owner - BIS Consulting, LLC) filled the void by becoming an authorized Service Provider for Rapidfire in 1999. As Radiant’s commitment to the product line dwindled, BIS maintained a steadfast commitment to the original RapidFire customer base, conducting hundreds of hardware upgrades while providing support for countless customers using RapidFire.

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