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Make gift giving, repeat business and communication easy: boost sales and promote your business without the added expense of a third party marketing company!


Gift Card Program - Electronic Integrated Gift-Cards

Don’t miss out on the expanding Plastic and Digital gift card trend!

  • Plastic Gift Cards custom-designed with your Restaurant Name, Logo & Magnetic Strip. Free advertising and repeat business!
  • Our Plastic and Digital Gift Cards are integrated with our Point of Sale and Cloud System so that the customer can log on anytime and verify how much money they have left on their Gift Card or just ask an employee to swipe the card.
  • Tracking by customer name, phone number, email, activity, card value, specific type and more.


E-Loyalty Program - Delivery & Pickup

Data shows that with loyalty programs:

  • 27 % of first time customers return to the same restaurant at least once a quarter.
  • 14 % of the total number of guests who come for the first time in the restaurant return at least twice a quarter.
  • Acquisition of customer data on your integrated reporting system allows you to reach out to create loyal customers:
    • Track data, use filters, collate target customer markets e.g. those spending $200/month (or whatever filter you prefer).
    • Email promotions and rewards directly from the POS Customer Loyalty Report database, or via your mass email marketing company e.g. iContact & Constant Contact.









Card Loyalty Program - Dining In

  • Provide a Customer a plastic card with your Restaurant logo and a magnetic strip. With this reminder in their wallet, a customer will come in and hand the card to their server when dining: with one swipe they will generate points based on whatever criteria you decide  i.e., dollars spent on the order or specific items that you have told our system you wish to showcase and then, the discount off or your next order will show up on a printed receipt automatically deduct when the customer suffices the criteria.








Beer & Wine Club - see what Future POS has!

Beer & Wine Club tracks customer purchases, earning them specified rewards. You can modify the club and item type to create any rewards club desired, to suit your establishment's look and feel.

  • Rewards can be configured as coupons, discounts, or gift certificates - not just beer. It could be wine, or any other specific category that you choose. Be innovative and capture their imagination... and their business.
  • Any customer that has been added to Customer Maintenance is automatically enrolled in Beer & Wine Club.
  • Add the customer to the check on Front End, to enrol them, track number - and type - of items purchased.
  • That's all there is to it! Make your customers purchase easy and fun - and guarantee return business, at the same time.


Constant Marketing & Promotions

  • Always stay in contact with your customers and keep driving them back to your store. Automatically launched email campaigns will draw in your customers on their birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Automated marketing has your back, working alongside you while you’re busy running your business. It can be scheduled to remember all your customers important dates.


Robust Coupon Builder

  • Coupons make your customers lives even easier - they’ll love you more for them. With our easy and cost-effective system, we can create almost any type of coupons you can imagine! Perhaps a 'dollar off' or 'percentage off' coupon - attached to specific items? It couldn't be easier!


Automated Broadcasts

  • Now you can broadcast new, and special, coupons. Automated alerts will magically appear on your online store! These alerts can inform customers of your restaurant, or cafe's, new offerings, as well as updating them on your news. Keep them involved, keep them caring.  Once you've set when these alerts should appear, the automation will do all the broadcasting for you!