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Moving from Strength to Strength!

RapidFire has proven to be one of the most user friendly, stable & when supported by BIS, one of the most reliable systems on the market.  Unfortunately, the RapidFire system is missing some of the newly developed Point of Sale features: integrated internet ordering, secure credit card interfaces with PCI compliance and EMV devices as well as various order entry features and management controls (see complete features list).

Now we have partnered with Future POS we are able to transition our current RapidFire customers to Future POS's elegant system solutions. These customers have never looked back. Resulting from the screen design flexibility of Future POS (any button, any size anywhere on any screen), BIS computers is able to utilise Future POS’s versatile database engines in order to arrive with a Point of sale product that maintained the simplicity of the RapidFire order entry screens (can you say easy peasy Pizza matrix?) as well the Driver Dispatch screen (3 key strokes to assign a ticket to a driver) all while enabling your Restaurant to take advantage of one of the most functionally powerful POS Systems on the market.

If you are using RapidFire and need more features and flexibility but want to maintain your stability, call or email BIS to arrange an online for Future POS Demo.

You will be impressed!