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Surveillance with Text Inversion

Track and Monitor Transactions and Activities

When it comes to video surveillance, Future POS has the right size to fit your needs. Naturally we support standard DVRs with text insertion and managers can view video associated with POS activities with the click of a button. Where we blow the competition away is with our built in surveillance system that uses ordinary web cameras. For the price of a web cam you can eliminate buddy punching, view live cameras and monitor your business with event-driven video. Protect your business from fraud and theft by tracking important point-of-sale activities.
Protect your operations, profits and team, with customised surveillance.


Kitchen Video Display Units

Share Orders Instantly with Kitchen Staff

Reduce paper waste and provide faster order fulfilment by outputting orders to a Video Display Unit instead of a remote printer. This technology quickly displays orders to your kitchen staff, allowing you to reduce ticket times and to increase table turns. In addition to tracking prep times, a Kitchen VDU can also provide helpful preparation instructions for enhanced order accuracy.
Share Orders Instantly with Kitchen Staff. No paper. No mess. No lost orders.


Pay at the Table


Future POS Payments right at the table. Help people pay quickly and easily. Save customers time not having to stand around at a busy bar, or counter. They carry on into their day, happy they came, keen to come back.



Keep Customer Credit Card Data Safe

When it comes to payment security, Future POS has always been an industry leader. We have several options to fit your needs. Do you just want a simple and inexpensive EMV solution that allows you to avoid EMV chargebacks? We have that. Or would you prefer a more robust solution that can show the customer their check and prompt for a tip and signature? We can do that too. Need a state of the art tableside ordering solution with built in EMV and 3G failover? We’re pretty much the only ones who can offer you that.


Handhelds and Mobile POS

Future POS handheld devices provide your workforce with increased efficiency and mobility while giving your customers faster service. Handheld devices are similar to a Future POS terminal, only portable. Our app runs on both Android and iOS devices.


Make Any Mobile Device a Future POS Terminal